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  • Best App I Ever Downloaded! - (9/9/2013)
    "Let me just say this... Knots 3D blows me away! Its ease of use and its presentation immediately persuaded me to give it a 5 star review after only a few minutes of use. I don't have to say anymore about what it can do, or how great it is, as many users/reviewers have already stated it. Please do yourself a favor and get this app. It is a great learning opportunity to master some of the best knots out there. This app actually helped me learn and do something useful for once; and I never said that about any app before this."
    AshKarD - iTunes
  • Needed years ago! - (10/4/2013)
    "As a lifelong sailor, knots are integral to seamanship and this App is absolutely magical in showing how to tie the knots. People have demonstrated knots to me, only for me to forget how to do them later. With this, it is super easy to review the knots and learn them at my own pace. I would have loved this App when I was going to Boy Scouts and as a sailing instructor at summer camp. I give it my highest recommendation without reservation. Great knowledge base for children, especially those interested in boating, hiking, climbing. A great addition to my iPad. Thanks for a great App."
    Board Chairman - iTunes
  • Superb and Simple! - (2/1/2014)
    "This app truly is worth much more than I paid for it. Its simplicity and ease of use is perfect to learn how to make knots. Other similar apps going for two or three times the money are not even close to this awesome app. I hope the developers don't stop improving it. Great job devs!!!!!!!"
    Carlos - Google Play
  • Great, easy to use knot app - (1/2/2014)
    "Whether you use knots all the time and need something to refresh your memory, or would just like to learn knots, hitches and their uses, this is a great program. 3D viewing makes tying the knot easy. Get yourself a nice length of rope and practice along with the program. Knots are in categories, making it easy to find the knot you want. Just browsing is fun, too. Since your phone always goes with you, it's much more convenient than a book. The right knot for the right purpose is important for securing loads, fishing, boating, and camping. Losing a load on the way to the dump or having a tent come down in the rain because you used the wrong knot is easily avoided with this app and a bit of practice."
    Timothy - Amazon
  • And I'm in Love! - (2/16/2014)
    "Wow! Wow wee. I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS! I have fallen head over heels in love with knots again. I can't believe so many types of knots can be all stored into one easy to use app. This app is a must for any one (man or woman) who is serious about knots. Knots 3D is a great introduction to anyone who is looking into taking up knotting for a hobby. It has all the classic and some OUTRAGIOUS knots!"
    Thomas - iTunes
  • Fantastic App - (3/1/2014)
    "Not only is it made incredibly easy, but the whole approach to the instruction is something MANY apps should follow! 10 STARS easily! This is THE app to get for this craft."
    LosAngeles90631 - iTunes

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Dec 16 2013

DotTech: Knots 3D Review

By DotTech

Overall, I was very impressed with this app. There is a huge variety of knots here, and they are well-organized. The animated 3D diagrams make it really easy to see how a knot comes together, even if there are multiple strands involved

As a history nerd, I particularly enjoyed the descriptions that come along with each knot. Having some background about how the knots were used and devised in centuries past is actually very helpful when you are trying to figure out what knot it best for a certain situation ...

Dec 2 2013

5 Awesome Knot Apps

By iPhoneness

Those of you who live an active lifestyle should take time to learn how to tie different kinds of knots. That knowledge will come handy when you are sailing, climbing, or spending some time in the outdoors. You could always watch videos or read books to learn how to tie various knots. These 5 knot apps for iPhone & iPad can help you learn more knots faster ...

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